Why Talking On Your Cell Phone at Certain Times is Inappropriate

Communication is an important part of functioning in our world today, and cell phones are the ultimate tool for this. However, many people are showing a lack of courtesy when using their phones. Noise pollution has become a problem, and it annoys a large number of people. It seems that the days for absolute silence and quiet reflection have long since passed.

While free speech is important, and you should be able to talk when you want, there are certain places and times when talking on your cell phone can be rude. An example of this is when you are standing in the line at a post office and you hear someone talking loudly on their phone. In some places, vocies echo loudly, and few people want to know about the personal business of others. It should be a common courtesy to step outside to talk on your phone at a time like this, but few people do this.

Not too long ago, cell phones were primarily owned by wealthy citizens. It wasn't until the 1990s when cell phones begin to be used by working people. While I'm happy that these phones are no longer used exclusively by the elite, their use by a large segment of the population has caused some problems. With power comes responsibility, and just because you can talk on your cell phone whenever you want doesn't mean you should do so. Using your cell phones in some places could get you in trouble.

In college, most instructors tell the students to turn off their phones before the class begins. The same is true for many high schools. It disturbs the class if the instructor trying to give a speech or make an important point when suddenly the cell phone of one of the students ring. Another place where using a cell phone is a bad idea is funerals. When somone dies, it can be a trying time for friends and families of the deceased, and having your phone ring during the funeral can be quite rude when many people expect a moment of silence.

In most offices, employees aren't allowed to use cell phones. A ringing phone will distract other employees who may be doing important work. Using a phone during a business meeting could also get you in trouble. Most hospitals don't allow cell phones to be used because they interfere with equipment there, but some people bring their phones and use them anyway.

Quite possibly the worst place for using a cell phone is the movie theater. It should be easy to see why this is a bad idea. When people pay money to go see a movie, the last thing they want is someone talking loudly on their phone. This has led to serious fights, and the situation has got so bad that many movie theaters advise viewers to turn off their phones before the film starts. Sometimes it is best to avoid using your cell phone unless you have to. There are times and places where using it is inappropriate.