Why Many Cell Phones Have Too Many Features

If you look at the many electronic products which exist today, you are not odd if you feel they are too complicated. Most electronic gadgets have more features than people will ever use, or learn how to use. This is especially true with cell phones, which often have a staggering number of features and functions. Why do electronics today have so many functions? In this article I will discuss this.

Many PDAs today can play both music and movies, while digital cameras are now capable of recording video and your voice. Many cell phones are now able to take pictures or play samples of songs when they ring. If you listen to the advertisements for these products, you will think they are capable of doing virtually anything. This is a powerful marketing tactic which is used to get you to buy them. Whether or not you actually need all these extra features is irrevelant to the companies who design cell phones.

Cell phone manufacturers simply add features because it is cost effective for them to do so. By adding these features the companies are able to advertise the many functions it has with the hope that you will run out and purchase it. Many of these companies are also able to increase the cost of the product becaue of the large number of features they advertised. Consumers will assume that they will have to pay more in order to get more, even though it cost the manufacturer little to add them in the first place.

How often have you gone out and paid for a cell phone which has a bunch of features you never use? One of the reasons why manufacturers keep adding so many features to cell phones is because most of the people they market to already have one, and there is no reason for them to buy another one unless the phone they are buying has better features than the older one. Some people will go out and buy a new phone regardless of whether or not they will use the features. Much of the time the features are never used.

At the same time, every so often a feature comes along which does revolutionize technology. This is the feature that is worth paying for. My advice is to wait for this groundbreaking feature to come out instead of buying a new phone for every little insignificant feature which is advertised. You will save money by doing this, and avoid buying a phone for features you will never use.

It is important to remember that the cell phone industry profits when you run out and buy their new phone every time they advertise new features. Their goal is to continue making money, and your goal should be to save money. It is hard to save money when you're buying a new phone because it has new features you don't plan on using. However, it does insure that the cell phone industry will continue to make record profits.