Why Customizing Cell Phones Has Become So Popular

It has become quite trendy for people to customize their cell phones. In fact, customizing your cell phone has become a billion dollar business. Cell phone users will spend money in order to make their phone look different from others. People are purchasing ringtones, wallpapers, cases, and numerous other accessories for their phones. The number of accessories available for your cell phone is staggering.

You are probably wandering why people would pay money to customize their phones. One of the reasons for the rising popularity of customizing phones is their ability to be taken to numerous places. People take their cell phones to bars, clubs, meetings, and school. When it rings, others are likely to here how it sounds. Others may also stare at you when you talk on your phone. Because of this, many people want their phones to ring a certain way and have a specific look. Cell phones have become more than just a tool for communication. For many they are a fashion statement.

A lot of people tend to take their phones everywhere, and this has created a type of bond. A cell phone today can be likened to a watch. Like a watch, cell phones can be carried anywhere, and they can be either very cheap, or very expensive. A cell phone can be a reflection of your personality. Most people want to present themselves as having a certain aura or trait. A corporate executive is unlikely to use the same type of phone that a teenage girl in highschool will use. The executive is likely to have a dark colored phone which lacks bright colors, while the teenage girl is likely to have a light colored phone with bright colors.

Ring tones have become popular because people generally identify themselves by the type of music they choose to listen to. Most ringtones today play certain tunes, and some people may want their phones to play hip hop, rock, or techno music when they ring. The song which is played will reflect on the personality of the owner. One of the most basic reasons why customizing phones are popular is because of status.

Many people want to be cool and stylish, and having a certain phone is now the equivalent of having a certain type of shoes or car. Many celebrities have also made cell phones a status symbol, most notably Paris Hilton. By customizing her phone with jewels, she promoted the use of modifying your phone in a way which hasn't been seen before.

Cell phones have a wide range of prices, and this has allowed status to play an important role in owning them. Cell phones can be purchased for less than $100, while other models will cost well over $400. Having a $400 cell phone is likely to attract the attention of others. Whether you have an expensive phone or a cheap one, it is important that you get the most out of it. You should be able to modify it in anyway you choose.