What Are SmartPhones?

The profits earned by cell phone manufacturing companies have continued to increase in recent years. Palm in particular has seen a sharp rise in popularity with the release of their Treo line. This is a new type of phone which is referred to as being a SmartPhone. SmartPhones have a number of features which are far more advanced than those offered by standard cell phones. The ability for them to process video is one of their most attractive features, and they've caught the attention of many consumers.

In a nutshell, a SmartPhone is what you have when you take the features of a PDA and combine them with a cell phone. They are handheld computers which also allow you to make phone calls. In a world where most people are constantly on the run, this is an important feature. As people begin to perform jobs which require more detail, the need for phones with video capabilities have increased. SmartPhones can provide you with superior video quality. Most support VGA with a resolution as high as 640 x 480.

SmartPhones will allow you to communicate via the internet, as well as allowing you to take photos. SmartPhones are also proficient in helping you manage your voice calls. They can even help you if you get lost. There aren't many comparisons between them and cell phones. In fact, comparing a SmartPhone to a cell phone is like comparing a laptop to a calculator. SmartPhones are light years ahead of most cell phones available on the market today.

Experts estimate that over 120 million SmartPhones will be sold this year alone. Many people are also willing to pay for a monthly subscription. Companies like Google are developing applications for SmartPhones which are extremely advanced. Once the market begins to expand, it is expected that the price of these phones will increase. Right now they are quite expensive, and are outside the price range of many consumers. This means that SmartPhones are headed towards a rapid surge in popularity.

If you are looking for a cell phone which has the features of a PDA and digital camera, SmartPhones are for you. Many companies have started creating mobile videos for SmartPhones as well. Most SmartPhones which will be sold by the end of this year will come with VGA screens. They can easily be customized, and this is good for someone who shares their phone. Once you use a SmartPhone, you will not want to go back to using a regular cell phone ever again. SmartPhones are the future, and they are here today.

Smartphones also play an important role in the advancement of communications technology. It sets the trend for combining different gadgets into one system, and many people think this is a good idea. It can be cumbersome to carry around an Ipod, cell phone, digital camera, and PSP. I think in the future we will see more companies working together to combine these handheld devices into one powerful system that can do it all. SmartPhones are a clear step in this direction.