Video Camera Cell Phones

Video camera cell phones are some of the most advanced gadgets available on the market today. As the name implies, these cell phones not only allow you to make phone calls, but you can take pictures and record video as well. At many large sporting events or concerts people can be seen holding up their phones taking pictures. While these phones have many benefits, they have also been the center of controversy.

Many large companies such as Nokia, Sony, Ericsson, and Samsung now offer these phones, and their popularity has continued to grow. People are taking photos of virtually everything, and some of these photos may end up on the internet. This has led to a number of concerns which were not a problem before the rising popularity of these phones. In a day and age when concerns about privacy is a serious issue, video camera phones in many ways have made the situation worse.

These phones are good in the sense that they combine the attributes of digital cameras with those found in cell phones. Instead of going out and purchasing a cell phone and digital camera separately, you can now get both in one small package. The same is true for cell phones which can record video. This allows people to save money. If someone commits a crime, a witness with a video camera phone can record them or their license plate number.

At the same time, someone can take a video camera phone and take photos under the skirt of a woman without her being aware of it. These phones can also be used to take photos of your credit card so that they can be used later to make fraudulent purchases. Many members of Congress have proposed laws against the use of this technology for crime, but there is debate about how successful it would be. It is important to remember that technology is neutral and can be used for good or bad. There are some things you can do to reduce the chances that someone will use their video camera to hurt you.

If you are a woman who plans on going to a place which is crowded, it is best to wear jeans or pants instead of a skirt or dress. Crowded places such as subway trains, buses, and conferences are the main places where people with video camera phones like to target women. Always be aware of your surroundings at all times. Keep your credit card close, and look around to make sure no one is near you before you use it in a store or shop.

Doing these simple things can keep you from becoming the victim of someone who is using their video phone for nefarious purposes. While these phones are very expensive right now, in the future the price will decrease, and this means that more people will have access to them. The number of people using these phones for criminal purposes is likely to increase. This is why it is so important to be responsible and protect yourself.