Should You Buy A Cell Phone or PDA?

Cell phones have become an important part of communication today. The models available on the market today do much more than just make or receive calls. As the cost of electronics goes down, features such as GPS, cameras, and other devices are now available on most phones. The similarities between a cell phone and PDA are so close that the line between the two has become quite blurred. Many people may be wandering whether they should buy a PDA or cell phone.

Both cell phones and PDAs are not able to access the internet. You want to purchase a device which allows you to talk to others and communicate. Many places on the internet will allow you to chat with others and review which models you're interested in. Many people will describe what they like and dislike about a particular model of cell phones or PDAs. You also want a device that has good sound quality and is easy to hold on to. The menus should be simple to use as well. Even if it has a lot of features you like, if it is hard to hold or has other problems you should avoid buying it.

Once you find a few models you want, look at the features and ask yourself if you really need them. Do you want a PDA which plays music or watches movies? Do you need a cell phone which does this? How much quality does the camera have? These are questions you will want to answer when you're trying to decide whether you want a PDA or cell phone. Cell phones have the ultimate advantage in that they allow you to talk and make phone calls, while most PDAs do not. While PDAs are used for organizing data and reminding you of appointments, most do not allow you to make calls.

Most cell phones now function as organizers as well as tools which allow you to communicate. Despite this, most phones still don't allow you to watch movies or videos, and this is an area where the PDA has an advantage, at least right now. This is likely to change in the future, as the two become combined in what is known as a SmartPhone. SmartPhones have many of the functions found in both cell phones and PDAs. The number of functions for a SmartPhone are quite impressive, and it will likely become the standard.

Many PDAs are also able to use a Windows operating system, and this can be an important feature for those who are traveling and need to conduct business. If you already own a cell phone, and are looking to get an organizer, a low cost PDA would probably be a good idea. But if you have neither, it is best to get a cell phone, because it has many of the functions seen in most PDAs on the market today. Both cell phones and PDAs have features which are equally impressive. You should choose one which fits your needs.